Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gift Card Holder - Photo Tutorial

Oh boy! I have never even considered doing a photo tutorial, but I discovered that I get a ton of hits on my blog about the Christmas gift card holders that I've made in the past. I had found a link on how to make one and they're super easy. I thought I'd give this tutorial thing a go...

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardstock at 4 1/4" x ll. I used 'twas the night before christmas from a•muse studio (of course). Optional step: If you use a plain piece of cardstock instead of patterned paper, you could choose to stamp a background on both sides of the paper at this point.

Step Two: Turn the paper landscape and score at 3", 5 1/2", & 8".

Step Three: When you score the paper you want to fold it slightly so it resembles an "M".

Step Four: On the second panel from the left, put adhesive in a C shape from the top, down the left side, and across the bottom. It's hard to see in the phone. I used 1/4" adhesive from my ATG gun. It's good strong adhesive that will hold well.

Step Five: Fold the paper over so that you get an inside pocket. If you've used patterned paper, the patter will be on the outside, and your pocket for the gift card will be on the inside.

Step Six: Trim off 1/2" from the section that becomes the pocket. This is where you will be sliding the gift card inside.

I slide one of my business cards inside to demonstrate and make a contact at the same time! 

Step Seven: Get ready to decorate the outside of your gift card holder. I used a piece of cranberry and sugar cardstock from a•muse studio cut at 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" for the cranberry and 3" x 2" for the sugar.

Step Eight: Assemble your outside image. I used Holiday Tags, some Christmas washi tape, and white flocking to dress up Santa's suit.

Step Nine: Stamp a quick To: and From: inside. Leave space for a message!

Step Ten: Cut a length of ribbon and adhere it to the card around the middle. Then adhere your focal image over the ribbon.

Ta-da!!! An adorable gift card holder that the recipient will appreciate almost as much as the gift card it holds! You can do these either in landscape or portrait, depending on the stamps you want to use. I chose landscape for this one because I wanted the image to be in line with the text.

Here is an example of another one I did in the portrait orientation. 

I hope I did a good job with the tutorial and that it makes sense! Let me know what you think? Would you be interested in making these yourself? I'd be happy to help get you going at a workshop. Get in touch: All of the supplies for the gift card holders can be found here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is adorable. I gotta try one of these. You did a great job here! Thanks!!

  2. Very cute, Devon! Great job on the tutorial!


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