Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Year In Cards

When I finished the Mojo challenge this morning, I decided I wasn't done. So I got to work on the February Year In Cards class I've been following at Two Peas in a Bucket. I made a Thank You card and a Gate Fold card using the new Green Stack from DCWV. I LOVE these papers! And I got to try out hand stitching on the gate fold card, which was fun, especially considering that I've been fighting with that blankety-blank Pixie sewing machine I just *had* to have! Oh well... you live and learn, right?

I wonder if I'm every going to go back to scrapping layouts? It's been a while and I'm so into cards right now. They're so much quicker and just as satisfying. I am vowing to work on the boys books at the retreat I'm going to in two weeks. It's going to be a bit strange... I'm going with Nancy and Jodi to a quilter's retreat, but I will be scrapbooking! I wanted to go with them so much, even though I don't sew, so Nancy asked Sylvia (the sponsor) and she said I was more than welcome to attend! Yippeeee! Three whole days to work on the boys books. I'm going to have to seriously spend some time getting supplies pulled out and ready to go. I also have to go get pictures printed... so much to do!

I can't wait for Spring Break to start. One more day in the classroom and then freedom for a whole week! I'm going to start it off by going to my CTMH Hostess Club with Nancy, which is always a hoot! Can't wait to see what Heather has planned for us this month, and I'm going to buy that ink and marker organizer this time. Hope it comes in time for the retreat!

Oh yeah... we got two more feet of snow today. Oy! Spring will never get here! But, I guess it's a good thing. We're taking the snow machines up to Willow this weekend to watch the restart of the Iditarod. I'll take pictures to post when we get back.


  1. Love the cards!! We will see you Sunday I am sure! Look for the guy with the shiney new machine and the permanent grin and the wife who will be rolling her eyes HA HA!!

  2. Hello Devon....I really hope you get your copics! They are pretty cool. I have grown to love them!

    I think you should flutter those eyes and ask hubby for them. LOL
    Tell him that cardmaking is a form of therapy and therapy is 100.00 per hour.
    If you smoke cigarettes, you can buy 2 markers a day. Here in Canada cigarettes cost 11.00 per pack. Thank goodness I quit!
    A Happy Wife = a Happy Husband. LOL
    Plus you would be helping the economy. LOL

    OK all kidding aside they are rather expensive. I personally wonder how so many people can even afford them. I think if you buy them a few at a time, you don't feel the pain as much. Once you own them you realize that.... They are really worth the money.

    Smiles and Cheers,



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