Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Cute-ify Office Supplies!

The creative geniuses at a•muse used this month's spotlight special products (10% off until 11:59 pm EST on February 29th) to really cute-ify home office supplies. I love it when I can use my stamping supplies for other projects. Cards are fun, but when I can alter every day items to make them beautiful, I get extremely tickled with myself! Check out these fun ideas...

YES! Washi tape on pencils! Now my students will really know which pencils belong to the teacher, because mine will be the cute washi taped ones!

Woodgrain stamp makes a beautiful container wrap... who isn't into "upcycling" these days? 

No more boring manilla folders for me! And I've already started making 
washi taped paper clips. They're sticking out all over my new 2012 catalog, 
marking the first stamp sets that I just have to have

Love the sunshine yellow mixed with the gray and the blue! So pretty and fresh!

I'm already thinking of 1,001 things I can label with the maple tags and they're so easy to color with 
a•muse pigment ink pads.

No more boring binder clips for this girl, no sir! Not when I've got amazing washi tape at my table!

And this I'm simply IN LOVE with! I have a ton of these magazine holders that I keep paper and magazines in. They will be cute-ified right quick, let me tell you!

This month I am investing in all of the spotlight specials, because I just can't resist! Let me know if I can come show you some of these fun projects and cards to make during a workshop. I'd be happy to help you cute-ify some of your things too!

Have a great day!

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  1. Those pieces are really gratifying to the eyes! One can simply enjoy office work using all those bits and pieces of cute office supplies!


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